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Introduction to SSDMS:
It’s 2012, the end of the Mayan Cycle and the beginning of a new time on Earth.
In service to you, I have launched the Sacred Dance Mystery School, so everyone who wants to can become involved from an informed position. Not everyone can do the research and gather the facts of our times; I have been naturally inclined to this all my life. A student of Healing Magic since I was 21 years old, now in my 60th year, I have much wisdom to share and experience to draw from.

The question is:

Why enroll in this Mystery School and take these lessons?

My answer is simple:

Because everyone deserves support along their journey of evolution. These days are so intense it’s easy to despair and think it is too hard and confusing to make a difference.
The truth is, we all need a nudge in the right direction from time to time, we all need a community of like minded souls to call Home and we all need to feel we are capable of ascension. If we only had a road map…

Why is it so intense?

Because we are changing quickly, we are winding up the old energy and preparing for the new. The last 26,000 year cosmic cycle known as the ‘Mayan Calendar’ is coming to completion. There are all sorts of crazy ideas out there about what might happen at the end of days. I did my own research on this and asked the simple question: What happened 26,000 years ago at the beginning of the cycle? It turns out this was the moment when Homo Sapiens became the dominant race on Earth, winning out against the Neanderthals and all the other variations of human that nature had been experimenting with. Now, I can only assume humans are about to change again into new Beings. There is a lot of scientific research which indicates humans are becoming something else; we are mutating, adapting if you like.  DNA is moving from four to six to twelve rungs, children are being born with AIDS and then having spontaneous recovery, literally changing at their core and becoming a new type of Human Being.  At the same time, the world is overpopulated and we have an epidemic of obesity, ignorance and greed. This is the way we self-select on a global level.   The small actions you take to affect your immediate environment affect the whole experience of your life.  That is a scientific truth! I grew up understanding this as a magical principle. Currently, science and magic are merging:  as above so below; or, if you like, as in the Microcosm, so in the Macrocosm.

This is described by Science as the study of Fractals.

How does this apply to you and the challenges you face every day?

Fractals describe, in a scientific way, how everything on Earth follows Divine Order and is a reflection of everything else. Therefore if you alter something small, close to you, this action and the outcome will affect the structure of things on the outer perimeter of your experience and at the core of your being.

Life is full of problems! If you fix a problem in your immediate environment, for example, cleaning out a closet, it has an impact on the rest of your life that day and everyday afterwards.

The truth is simple.  Each moment of your life you are unconsciously telling others how you feel about yourself and instructing them how to treat you based on how you treat yourself.

When you have cleaned your closet, you gather momentum for change and your personal space supports your choice for positive new experience or change for the better. You gain back your self love through the experience of self nurturing, and others feel it immediately and respond accordingly.

Through taking simple positive actions you are agreeing that you are not powerless to make change. The energy will go on to affect your attitude about yourself and the world around you.  It will impact how you deal with different challenges presented to you and your sense of self within the process on a daily basis. 

The Universe reflects your effort.  If you make no effort on your own behalf to express your personal power and improve your circumstances then the Universe cannot help you.  The smallest effort to affect change can make a big difference to the larger picture as everything mirrors and magnifies everything else.  Each lesson plan provides instructions on how to become actively engaged in changing your life experience for the better, with the least effort and maximum results!

After a lifetime of minimum resources and maximum responsibility, I found the way! 

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