Lesson 1. Mysteries, Fractals and Forgiveness.

Shankari Sacrad Dance Mystery Scholl
Students of Shankari's Balinese Dance School: Sanggar Tari Shankari, perfoming the Janger. Shankari's Bali Retreat. March 2012. A Fractal of Shankari's Life.

Lesson 1:
Mysteries, Fractals and Forgiveness

Who are you?

The information in this lesson, will help you to understand yourself better, to know what is in your nature and part of your character, beyond what you’ve been lead to believe, by your family and friends, as you were growing up. You are more than your nationality, your race or your sex. We all have strengths and weaknesses. This lesson plan, will help you identify your strengths and how to work, around your weaknesses.


There is something new happening on Earth. It’s been called The Quickening. It’s a way of explaining, why things are moving faster and evolving more quickly, than ever before.
We are entering, a New Time, a New Calendar, a New Way of Being, described as Ray 7.

I can hear you hurumph…what!?

Ray 7 ?

We are not alone in the Cosmos. We share the space, with many other lifeforms, planets and stars. The idea that we are an isolated blimp, on the Cosmic Screen, is evidence of how limited, our way of thinking has been, in the past. There are Custodial Bodies, Committees and Galactic Councils... well beyond, my understanding or Human comprehension. What I do know, is that nothing is random. We are all following along, a preordained pathway, to our own Galactic Destiny. The Seven Rays  are energetic streams of influence, pouring into the Earth Plane and activating the population. For further reading and understanding you will find a lot of information in the book;

See; The Tapestry of the Gods: Vol 1: The Seven Rays: An Esoteric Key to Understanding Human Nature

Ph.D. Michael D. Robbins

Over the last 26,000 years, as a global culture, we have been moving through all of the Rays.

Ray 6 describes the energy of the last 2000 years...

Ray 6 energy is like a Pyramid, with a leader at the top and layers of descending rows, of society below, to the bottom, where the majority exists. This is the generally accepted idea of; Responsibility being in the hands of those Above.

Due to the nature of Fractals, this structure is applied, to everything in our society, e.g; the family structure with the father at the top, the business structure with the bosses at the top, the education structure with professors, headmasters and teachers at the top… and yes……you know it yourself...  this Ray 6 energy is crumbling before our eyes!

Although it is our greatest skill and has allowed us to become the dominant race on Earth. Humans hate change! Consequently, it feels like a disaster, is befalling society, as it crumbles away, from its previous form. However… let me assure you, this is the beginning, of a wonderful, new change for the better!

Change is expensive, unless you are prepared. That is the purpose, for my efforts, within this work, of the Mystery School. To prepare you, for the change, so you will enjoy the ride and evolve with joy. To celebrate the Dance of Life...  thus we are joining each other, in the Sacred Dance... The Sacred Dance Mystery School.

With the activation, of Ray 7 energy, we are entering a time, of equality and a rearrangement of the energies. So there will be no one, at the top, but rather a group of Beings, all equally engaged in the business of partnership and participating as equals. Although they may indeed have that skills differ from each other, they are contributing, valued and rewarded equally.

A perfect, present day, example of this, is the team, from the TV series; Leverage.
See; http://www.tntdrama.com/series/leverage/

Just as the TV series Star Trek, (when I was a child) was preparing the world, for multicultural work places, with equality among the sexes... the new TV entertainment, is awakening, this new type of energy... a way of engaging, the best in ourselves and each other.

Jesus was a radical in his own time. He really didn’t bring a lot of new ideas to the table. Only 2! It was these 2 new ideas that got him into so much trouble. He was crucified because he was putting about, what were considered seditious ideas, at that time:

1. All men and women are created Equal in the Eyes of God! 

2. We are all ultimately to Forgive Each Other rather than seek revenge.

For these 2 ideas, outrageous at the time, Jesus was put to death... and yet...
we cannot imagine a world without them... they are the cornerstones of freedom!

Mysteries, Fractals and Forgiveness

Exercise 1.


If your bedroom, is in chaos and your life feels out of control, take the time to begin… clean a drawer every day, until the dresser is clean and then move on, to the closet and the rest of the evidence, of unloving chaos, that is sabotaging your journey. With every area of new order, you are Cleansing and Empowering your Spirit. You will get the best results from this Mystery School, if you begin, by cleaning your environment. If you appear to have an orderly environment, think of another area of your life, where you feel dirty, disorderly or out of control and address that. Everybody has these murky places, that we would prefer not to admit to.

Real change, begins in the unseen corners of your life,
where you hide your lack of self respect
and hope, no one else will notice!


Guilt has been used by religious bodies, to control global population for millennia.
We all feel guilty for something...

The greater truth is, we are all

Infinite, Immortal

Beings of Light

having a Human Experience.

Think about that for a moment...

This planet, is the one that offers a sentient world, where we can experience emotions. Love, Tenderness, Joy, Sadness, Pain and Suffering. This is why, we love this place and continue to return, lifetime after lifetime... for the amazing opportunity to Feel.

Initially we didn’t care, what it was we were feeling because the experience was so extraordinary. We have evolved now and we are aiming at the Higher Vibrations of Bliss, Joy and Grace, under pressure. Unfortunately, these become polluted, by our Guilt and our Profound Ability, to call in Punishment!

We are all learning, to control our feelings and have evolved, to experience joy and happiness in all its forms. Now we are learning how, to use our personal power, in service to the greater good on Earth.

How do you start the process?

There is a very, simplified version, of the Hawaiian technique, known as Ho'Oponopono,
which has been researched by Dr Hew Len.
See; http://miraclesandinspiration.com/hooponopono2.html

"I am sorry"

"Forgive me"

"I love you"


Just start, by saying it to yourself, in the mirror. Forgive yourself, for all your perceived failures. Then think of someone else, in your life, that you are having trouble with, see them with your inner eye and say this to them silently.

"I am sorry"

"Forgive me"

"I love you"


Blame, Regret, Resentment, Guilt, Shame and Sadness can be resolved, if you have the Personal Power, to use this simple statement, to free yourself, from all past Karma. With the final Thankyou, you are acknowledging to the Universe, that it is done!  All Karmic threads, to those people and places, are cut clean and You are set Free!

You are further forgiven and set free, with every repetition, of this small statement of huge intent. This is after all, the nature of White Magic and the science of Fractals!

Magic is simply knowing, what is required, to create what is desired.

What do you desire?

We all desire the same thing at our core... the freedom to feel loved and give love, unconditionally! By engaging in Ho’Oponopono, you are casting a spell of forgiveness, on yourself and everyone who has ever given you grief, in this life and every other.
Without freedom, we cannot evolve!

With these simple phrases, you can set yourself free. You are the one, with the key!
If you cannot forgive right away, that’s okay, just go through the motions and...
Fake it, til you make it!

Every positive action, has an affect on the greater world. I know that there are some people in your life, that are hard to forgive… they really hurt you, betrayed your trust and cut you to the core. It is very hard to forgive them…

I have a few like that!

Still enraged, at the thought of them and their treatment of me, my powerless, fragile, inner child wants to see them punished, not forgiven. They make me want to scream with frustration and demand God's Wrath rain down upon them.
I have a few of those... they keep me humble.

Why? Because my Higher Self knows... Nobody can abandon or abuse me, but myself... ever!
I set them up, to treat me that way, to make me right, about something I believed, about myself. Now, with forgiveness, I can change my own pattern and what I am expecting in the future. We are, after all, the creators of our experience!

It is very hard, to hold them in my mind and say those words of forgiveness, while my inner child wants revenge, to cry out and beat the floor with rage and frustration! But I do it. I fake it, because it makes a difference, slowly the pain is replaced with peace and I can feel the freedom from, belief in abuse, changing my perspective. I can feel, that I am changing the blueprint inside me, so that those patterns of behavior, will not happen again.
That, my friend... is true freedom! Get started right way!

Unless you want to feed off being right about what’s wrong forever! This is a personal tragedy, because this type of food, makes you fat and keeps you a victim, of your world and all of it’s broken promises! The truth is, you can impact your world, for the better, with the smallest action.

How? Through the scientific principle of Fractals.
See; http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics/hunting-hidden-dimension.html

If you clean your closet, you will affect your destiny. If you clean out your house, you will make a bigger impact, on your life and so on. It's up to you, how much power you want and how responsible, you want to be, for your circumstances. To remain living, in an environment, that does not serve your Highest Good, is to sentence yourself, to a lifetime of failure. From this moment forward, there is no excuse. You are either willing, to become the master of your experience, heal and grow or... spend the rest of your life, blaming others for your failures. It’s really that simple.

Blame, Regret, Resentment, Powerlessness and the Depression that follows, is an outcome of the choices, you have made. Now, it is time, to make new choices. All the ancient philosophies expressed this principle.

Check out the work by Professor Emoto on Water Crystals. Science and Magic collide in his work, in an astounding way.
See; http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm

VooDoo also works on the Fractal principle, at the lowest frequency.

So, what is the difference, between White and Black Magic?
White Magic is used, in service, to the greater good and is most often used, for healing.
Black Magic is used, in service, to an individuals ego, for the purpose of personal gain or revenge.

To use Ho’Oponopono, is to become a White Magician, in a sense. As forgiveness is truly a Magical action, to let go and clear your pathway, to a joyful successful life. Forgiveness, is right at the start, because without it, you will find, you are sabotaged daily, by your own limited thinking. Using Ho’Oponopono; I am sorry, Forgive me, I love you, Thank you, is the fast track, to a new, uplifted experience, of life on Earth, free of old, Karmic ties and debts. Within the world, of Fractal understanding, you can change your destiny with a single statement. That’s just how easy it is!  We are truly loved by the Divine.

The way back home, is well lit.

We simply have to take the time, to read the signs and the biggest one says; 

"I am sorry, Forgive me, I love you, Thankyou" 


Say this 3 times, to your family and friends and encourage them to say it, back to you. 

When you do this with one of them... both of you, will benefit.